Deep Breathing Stress Relief

Do you ever feel tension in the back of your neck, or perhaps discomfort in your shoulders, arms, spine, hips or legs?

Did you know that a lot of aches and pains are caused by stress?

People often say that they are not stressed. However, I was taught in the beginning of my training that to raise one’s voice in anger is a sign of stress, along with frustration, jealousy, and tearfulness, these are all signs of stress.

The good news is that practising the movements of T’ai Chi and Taoist Yoga can help.  The LFA Health Arts are like taking a multi vitamin pill, with each component working on different aspects of healing the body.

Deep Breathing Techniques
Our deep breathing techniques calm and focus the mind helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Try our Four Directional breathing exercise or the Flying Fox breathing exercise if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Both exercises only take a few minutes to practice but both have lasting results. Learn both exercises via The Free Subscription area of our website.