T’ai Chi Sword

Welcome to the Dynamic Mind Control Discipline

This Discipline demands more Mental Control from the Start.

The Sword should be one that feels comfortable in your hand and if you have problems with the Shoulders or Neck then a lighter sword is better

You can also use something like a Ruler if needed if a really light sword is needed to begin with.

The Mind is fully occupied with the Sword and the correct body movement.

Mental Focus increases with practice of this wonderful Discipline.

We use Wooden Swords to cause no harm.

The Sword is Gentle and soft in movement and the Sword is held lightly.
Holding it very firmly creates tension in the shoulders and neck.

We currently offer Movements 1 to 50 of the T’ai Chi Sword. Further Movements will follow in due course.


Course Duration


T’ai Chi Sword

1 to 50

3 month course

£9.99 per month

Lessons delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks.

Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.