T’ai Chi Dance

Welcome to the Invigorating ( Energy) Discipline

Tai Chi Dance is all about Improving Energy Levels.
If you are constantly tired or run out of energy during the day then this is for you.

The Dance weaves a tapestry of movement through the body and works the Mind.

Stress not only depletes the body but also the mind. It becomes tired and the ability to concentrate and focus is diminished.
Maybe even to the point of working in a Fog.

The Rewards are Calmness, better focus and Concentration and a greater feeling of Wellbeing.
Not forgetting Improved Energy Levels.

Daily practice for this one.

Practice Daily

We currently offer Movements 1 to 50 of the T’ai Chi Dance. Further Movements will follow in due course.


Course Duration


T’ai Chi Dance

1 to 50

3 month course

£9.99 per month

Lessons delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks.

Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.