T’ai Chi Nunchaku

The Nunchaku is an amazing fun set that really improves your reflexes.  It is a good way to start to overcome any aches and pains in the hands and fingers and to improve the mobility in your shoulders.

Practising regularly strengthens your legs and improves your balance and co-ordination with the added benefit of making you smile.

We use foam Nunchaku for maximum safety and enjoyment.

Guaranteed to make you smile!

We currently offer Movements 1 to 50 of the T’ai Chi Nunchaku. Further Movements will follow in due course.


Course Duration


T’ai Chi Nunchaku

1 to 50

3 month course

£9.99 per month

Lessons delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks.

Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.