How can the T’ai Chi Stick help with Parkinson’s Disease?

The T’ai Chi Stick set fully engages the shoulders, arms, legs, spine and improves core stability while at the same time working both sides of the brain and enhancing balance and coordination.

A broom handle from your local DIY shop and the FREE 15 minute video tutorial from the FREE subscription area of our website it all you need.

Practise daily for one month and experience the benefits for yourself.  After the month don’t give up, just 15 minutes practise each day will continue to improve your health and well-being.

The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be helped through exercising the whole of the body both mentally and physically.  The T’ai Chi Stick provides a solid object to hold throughout the movements.

Start slowly and practise along with the video tutorial for a few minutes each day until you are able to complete movements 1 to 10 without the aid of the video. Being able to remember and perform the movements independently adds greater health benefits.