T’ai Chi Stick

From the very first lesson our techniques teach agility through utilising stances that enable you to move safely from one movement to the next.

Incorporating the stick into the movements enables you to exercise your arms, shoulders and spine, increasing flexibility as you practise.  Throughout every lesson we encourage you to listen to your own body and progress at your own pace.  We believe that the greatest progress is achieved without strain, we never force a movement.

The T’ai Chi Stick set offers tremendous health benefits for the body and mind.  It is a great way of toning the body and for those who want to get into shape and lose weight it is a fun alternative to the gym.

A wooden broom handle is ideal for practicing the T’ai Chi Stick.

If you want to attain the lightening speed of this discipline practice, practice, practice…

Our current course offers Movements 1 to 100 of the T’ai Chi Stick.


Course Duration


T’ai Chi Stick

1 to 100

5 month course

£9.99 per month

Lessons delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks.

Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.