T’ai Chi Form

Our T’ai Chi Form set is where your journey begins.  The starting place, our stances, will teach you how to improve your posture creating excellent balance as you move from step to step.

The arm movements are incorporated to enhance your co-ordination, while at the same time exercising the whole of your body without strain.

The gentle movements have been proven to provide a cardiovascular workout, yet in contradiction are practised slowly.  Western medical practitioners were amazed during a scientific experiment comparing the fitness results between Zumba and T’ai Chi as the fitness gains were comparable.

One of the most beneficial aspects of this moving meditation is the calming effect that the T’ai Chi Form has on the mind, improving mental health and continually working the memory and strengthening the mind. 

T’ai chi not only improves the physical body, when practised regularly, our specialised breathing techniques help to take the strain off all the major organs of the body.

Try it for yourself and see how good you feel!


LFA Tai Chi is soft and gentle

The T’ai Chi Form is suitable
for everyone

Free Subscription – A free Introductory Course demonstrating the first 10 movements of our T’ai Chi Form.

T’ai Chi Form Movements 1 to 140 – Delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks. Each block includes Two health focused Yoga Video Tutorials every two weeks.


Course Duration


Free Subscription

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T’ai Chi Form

1 to 140

7 months course

£9.99 per month

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