T’ai Chi Form.

Welcome to the Core Discipline

This is Original Core Discipline developed 3000 years ago by the Wise Taoists.

They respected Nature and sought the same Balance and Harmony they observed within themselves.

This is the Result of all that dedication.

It is dynamic in nature and works all of the body.

This is a good starting point if you are new to Tai Chi.

The Tai Chi Form works always to achieve Harmony Within by Strengthening the body and Mind.

LFA Tai Chi is soft and gentle.

It is suitable for all age groups
Male and Female.

Free Subscription – A free taster level demonstrating some of the Disciplines you can learn with LFA T’ai Chi.

T’ai Chi Form Movements 1 to 140 – Delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks. Each block includes Two health focused Yoga Video Tutorials every two weeks.


Course Duration


Free Subscription

Taster Lessons



T’ai Chi Form

1 to 140

7 months course

£9.99 per month

Paid Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.