Lee Family Arts World Records

Under the careful guidance of Grand Master Professor Chee Soo, I have been lucky to experience the true benefits of the Lee Family Arts for over 40 years.  In the 80’s my training was very physical. I was thrown in at the deep end in a predominately male environment fuelled by the movie fame of Bruce Lee.

Grand Master Chee Soo

Chee Soo was involved as a fight choreographer with the cult TV series The Avengers during the 1960s.  Here is one of the  publicity photographs of him with Ray Austin (himself a Black Belt third dan Kung Fu Master and pupil of Soo’s) and actress Diana Rigg.  The photo was probably taken around 1967. Chee Soo brought Kung Fu before a western audience years before Bruce Lee had even been heard of.

Guinness World Records

The Guinness world record site states that “In 1965, Dame Diana Rigg (UK) became the first western actress to perform Kung Fu on Television when the combat choreographers Ray Austin (UK) and Chee Soo (UK/China) worked elements of the martial art into her fight scenes on The Avengers. Certificate presentation was done on The New Paul O’Grady Show some years later.” Quoted from Wikipedia

The Chinese Art of Chang Ming

As my training progressed, I practiced all the Form sets; the traditional T’ai Chi Form, Dance, Stick, Silk, and Sword.  I turned my focus from the self-defence disciplines to the softer physical movements of T’ai Chi.  Developing mental control, mindfulness, and recognising the importance of achieving stillness in movement. The focus changed to the ultimate self-defence – the art of keeping healthy, both physically and mentally.  I also learnt the Art of Chang Ming.  Chang Ming is often referred to as the diet but in its simplest form it is the Art of putting the correct nutrients into your body, discarding foods that harm or hinder healthy growth,  ensuring the body receives exactly what it needs to stay healthy. 

Learning the Lee Family Health Arts has enabled me to be the best I can be physically and mentally.  I enjoy good health and have the stamina to fulfil my goals.

Between the 12th and 13th of June 2017 I broke the Guinness Book of World Records for continually practising T’ai Chi for 28 hours 59 minutes. The event took place Hull raising over £6000 for charity.  

Chee Soo asked for my word that I would continue the Lee Family Arts teachings to ensure that everyone could access these ancient Arts and have the opportunity to practice them for themselves with a view to obtaining a healthy mind and body.

Through the LFA I teach weekly classes, online classes and courses and have a range of manuals, books and DVDs all designed to help anyone and everyone learn the health-giving movements of the Lee Style T’ai Chi.  My team of instructors enable the Arts to reach more people through our ever-expanding network of classes.