Hi, I’m Sheila Dickinson LFA T’ai Chi Master Instructor and Guinness World Record Holder 2017.  I have set up this website to make the Lee Family Arts (LFA) accessible to as many people as possible.

The Arts have been developed to exercise the mind, body and spirit in a natural way, promoting long lasting health and vitality. With our online courses you too can learn these amazing Ancient Arts. The T’ai Chi Stick and T’ai Chi Nunchaku, once used in combat, are now taught to improve the fluidity of movement and sharpness of reflexes. These disciplines are guaranteed to take your balance and coordination to a new level.   Take a course in the T’ai Chi Sword and improve the focus of your mind. Learn our T’ai Chi Dance and T’ai Chi Silk form sets and improve your stamina and energy levels, through these gentle but extremely effective cardio-vascular workouts. 

Over the last 25 years the LFA has helped many people overcome physical and mental barriers and build a brighter happier future.  I hope the information and exercises on this website help you in the same way. Hopefully we might meet one day at one of our classes or workshops.

I wish you health and happiness for the future.



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