In the West we are conditioned to take a pill to alleviate an ache or pain. How is that working out for you?

If they cure your arthritis, balance your high blood pressure, cure your back pain etc. Then thats great. The question has to be asked what happens when the pills don’t work? Or your body retaliates with side effects from the pills you are taking. 

The LFA Health Arts are not in competition with Western medicine, our NHS do a fantastic job. 

We teach you the means to help yourself, this in turn helps to take the strain off the NHS.

The wonderful health giving movements of our T’ai Chi and Yoga style exercises, help to keep the joints mobile without strain.

However if you are truly interested in improving the quality of your health the Chang Ming diet can help. At first glance the diet may appear a little severe.  Like anything else with a little practise, it becomes easy. You will find your life takes on a whole new vibrance and you will have a lot more energy.

I personally follow the diet, do I ever break it? The true answer is yes (we are all only human). The important thing is if you waver, pick yourself up and get back on the diet.

Over the years I have learnt that if I eat tropical fruit or tomatoes my joints start to hurt. So to me the answer is simple, I don’t eat them.

Has my world stopped turning because I don’t eat certain foods? On the contrary, I have found that I have an abundant supply of energy. My weight has stabilised to a level were I feel happy about myself.

The Chang Ming diet was bought out of China in the late nineteen thirties. It is not a sliming diet although it can be. It is a diet that works on your health from the inside, a terrific combination when practised along side our T’ai Chi.

For a person who truly wishes to connect the mind, body and spirit it is an essential part of our arts.

My late Master often helped people when they had no where else to go. The first question he always asked was are you on the Chang Ming diet. If the answer was no, he would tell them to come back when they had been on the diet for three months. When I was a student, I use to think this was harsh. With the passing of time, I realise that you can’t help someone unless they are prepared to take the first steps to help themselves.

The LFA is a tremendous Health Art, of course you can gain from practising part of the arts. From a personal point of view I know that I would rather have the full package.  Full details of the Chang Ming diet can be found in the LFA Chang Ming Book along with sample recipes.

Whatever you decide to do,  we wish you well and stay safe.