Help with your account.

Subscribe to Additional Courses

You can choose to subscribe to additional Courses by selecting Additional Courses from the menu options and subscribing to the course of your choice.

When you view “My Account” after logging in you will see some or all of the following options.


The Renew option allows you to manually renew your subscription plan.
This option appears if you have Canceled your subscription or have an Expired subscription and also if you have Active subscriptions, which have 15 days or less remaining on their subscription.


The Cancel option gives your the option to stop recurring subscriptions. The subscription will expire after the Expiration Date.
You will still have access to your restricted content until the expiration date has passed.
If you cancel your subscription you can re-activate at any time using the Renew option (see above)


The Abandon option will completely remove your subscription from your account. Any recurring payments will be canceled and access to your contact will cease.
Once an account is abandoned it cannot be renewed.

The Retry Payment option – allows you to retry payment if your payment wasn’t successfully processed.

From your account you can also change your email & password, view payment history and logout.

Delete Account and Data

From Edit Profile you can Delete your Account and Associated Data. Note: This action cannot be reversed.