T’ai Chi Silk

Although the silk is soft in texture do not be fooled, this is a very dynamic set.  It is ideal for people suffering from chest complaints as the movements provide an excellent cardiovascular workout that strengthens the respiratory system and works the cardiovascular system.

The arms, shoulders and upper back are exercised through initiating the large circular movements required to make the silk flow.  At the same time, our stability techniques taught through the stances enable you to move safely through the set.

Practising the T’ai Chi Silk gives you the feel-good factor through an aerobic workout.  Practised regularly this set is also an excellent weight loss aid.


A long flowing scarf is ideal for practicing our T’ai Chi Silk set.

We currently offer Movements 1 to 50 of the T’ai Chi Silk. Further Movements will follow in due course.

Lessons delivered in blocks of ten movements every two weeks.

Courses have an ongoing monthly recurring subscription. Cancel at any time.