Fighting Fibromyalgia

In an ideal world there would be no pain, it seems unfair that some people are riddled with pain and others just seem to sail through life. Most people don’t give their health a second thought until something goes wrong. Then the lifestyle they enjoyed diminishes before their eyes.

Twenty years ago no one had heard of Fibromyalgia, yet nowadays I meet more and more people struggling with the incredibly painful symptoms. The symptoms may affect the individuals sleeping patterns, leaving them suffering from chronic fatigue, in turn this may lead to stress and depression.

On the physical side there are often flare up spots, and the pain can in some cases appear as rheumatoid arthritis.  It can also cause bladder and bowel problems and many more symptoms I have not mentioned here.

Research has shown that exercise along with eating a healthy diet can help. The difficulty is if you are struggling to get out of bed it is going feel like even more of a struggle to exercise and think about preparing healthy meals. This can result in you feeling like you are unable to break the cycle and change direction for a healthier pain free life. 

Perhaps you feel out of condition, you could be struggling with your weight, or you have never been the type of person to take part in any kind of exercise.  This is where the LFA Health Arts can help, with easy to implement steps and a few simple changes to your eating habits we can help you on the road to a happier, healthier life. 

We are all bought up to believe if we have a problem with our health we go to the doctor. The doctor gives us a prescription, if the first set of pills don’t work another set can be prescribed, it is just a question of getting the right kind of medication to control the condition then life can return to normal, right? Sadly, this is not always the case.

I have seen posts on FaceBook where people have a flare up and are in so much pain that even the medication doesn’t really seem to be helping. Fellow suffers offer love and support with kind words and emoji’s, offering unity in the battle against the condition and hope that scientists will soon find a cure.

Surely there is something more we can do? And yes there is, LFA T’ai Chi can and will help.  This is probably not the answer you want, it doesn’t come from a lab and isn’t backed by a campaign, it isn’t complicated, expensive or restricted to the chosen few. Its available, adaptable and it’s here for YOU!  The following is an outline of how it can help, we offer online classes as well as regional classes and courses to teach you and offer support every step of the way.  All it needs from you is the willingness to have a go and some time out of your day to practice a few movements. 

Firstly, we can teach you self-help acupressure points to help alleviate the chronic fatigue. They take literally minutes and you can do them while you are still in bed.

Next, we tackle movement, starting with our four directional breathing exercise. It is a simple exercise that is very effective, and it can be practised from a seated position. Hopefully, you are thinking ‘that is the one thing can do.’  This exercise fully utilises your lungs, oxygenates the right areas, and expels stale toxins from the body.  It literally takes 2 or 3 minutes to do but done three times per day, every day, the health benefits soon become apparent.

Once you feel able to get out of bed, we teach you the Taoist Walk. It is important to build a stronger immune system and improve balance and coordination.  Again, this can be practised for a few minutes two or three times a day when you feel you are able.  Just a few steps as you get out of bed or walk to the bathroom, you are going anyway it’s just a different movement, it will still get you to your destination, why not give it a try? We are not asking for anything complicated, just a slight adaption on an everyday movement.

The next stage is to start to learn the movements of our T’ai Chi Form, sequence by sequence. I am not talking about spending hours of time practising. I am talking about a few movements that can be practised in the time it takes the kettle to boil. Once again, the movements can be practiced from a seated position, even in bed, until you feel you have the energy to have a go standing. 

There is nothing magical about all of this, it is simply working your body in a way that will help to improve your natural energy and health. I can teach you the means to help yourself all you have to do is follow the route. I know when you are in pain its hard, I also know you are stronger than you think you are. It’s about fighting back, not letting fibromyalgia win, you have had enough and you want your life back. I can show you the way if you will let me, step by step. The longest journey begins with the first step.

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