The Great British Spud

The potato is part of the staple diet of most British families, it can be served in many ways, boiled, mashed, chipped and roasted to name but a few. It appears on the plate at most mealtimes. The potato also appears in the ingredients of a significant number of products stocked on supermarket shelves. It is an institution and has been around for years. But, how many of you know or care that it is part of the deadly nightshade family? In answer most of you would say ‘It’s alright to eat though’

How foods from the deadly nightshade family effect the body depends on the quality of the individual’s health. How are your joints? Are you suffering from arthritis? How is your digestive system, do you have IBS? All can be affected by consuming such foods, in some cases it can even affect the thyroid.

I am not suggesting that everyone gives up potatoes, what I am suggesting is that if you suffer from arthritis why not try cutting them out for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. If you don’t see an improvement in your health you can always start eating them again.

It all comes down to choice, how much pain you are in, and which is more important to you, your health or the potato?  There are other things you can eat in place of the spud, for example, sweet potatoes are not part of the same family and of course there is rice and pasta.

The LFA Health Arts have a diet and recipe book. The Chang Ming diet looks at the food that is good for your body and the foods that are not so good. It is not a weight loss diet, although it can result in weight loss as your health improves and your body settles at it natural weight. 

Chang Ming is a three thousand year old diet book that was bought out of China in the early nineteen thirties and converted for the West so that everyone could benefit from its wisdom. It is a diet that forms part of the Lee Family Health Arts. Did you know in Ancient China you did not pay the doctor when you were sick, you paid the doctor when you were healthy, if you were sick he wasn’t doing his job properly!

The Chang Ming Book does not have a single member of the deadly nightshade family in any of its recipes and to make it easy to incorporate into your daily life we have included menus and modern day recipes adapted to give the most health benefits with minimal amount of effort, let’s face it, who wants to spend more time in the kitchen when you could be practising T’ai Chi!

It is important to remember that the diet forms only one part of the Lee Family Health Arts. We use a whole mind and body approach to help people. It is a self-help Art, we act as guides so that you can be the best you can be no matter what your age.

The sooner a person starts learning the LFA Health Arts, the sooner they begin to find more happiness and fun in everyday life, no time like the present, why not start today. 

Worries will become a thing of the past as we all learn to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow or relive the past. The past has gone, and the future isn’t promised to anyone. The only moment you have is the one you are currently in. Of course, the ups and downs of life still happen to everyone, but it is your choice, you can either freeze your mind with stress and worry and diminish your health or simply enjoy the moment. It takes a little practice, but it is achievable.